The pleasure of wearing your own yukata, obi, and stall

Advanced course

Challenge to snow flower squeezing yukata, obi and plate tightening stall!

Beginners welcome! It is a recommended experience for adult women. I want a yukata with snowflakes, but it's too expensive to get it! I don't sell yukata of my favorite color, so I want to dye it in my favorite color! I want a band of snowflakes! I want a stylish and modern stall!
The advanced course can meet such requests.

The advanced course is for Yukata and obi with snow flowers. Plate tightening Bamboo fiber stole 3 items are available.

The experience time is about 3 and a half hours per person in a yukata. About 5 hours for two people. The obi is about 2.5 hours per person. About two and a half hours. The stall is about one and a half hours per person. About two and a half hours for two people.

The advanced course will be held once a day, and the time will start from 10:00 am.

I will send the made one week later. (Free shipping) You can take the stall home with you on the day.

One person, women's association, people who like kimono are welcome! !!

I started the uneven dyeing experience.

In addition to the snow flower squeezing, I sought to find out if I could experience dyeing with a high degree of perfection in one day, and I came up with the idea that this would make me happy.
There are various methods for uneven dyeing, such as stuffing the fabric in a box and dyeing it, crumpling the fabric and wrapping it with thread, placing the crumpled fabric on a net, and sprinkling the dye from above. In Izutsu, you will experience putting the crumple dough on the net and applying the dye from above using a large spoon.
The experience is mainly for yukata and cotton kimono, but we also support pure silk kimono upon request.
Please contact us by email or phone.
* We will make the color you request as much as possible.

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Experience dyeing video

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Experience flow

1We will fold the reception / yukata fabric with an iron.

You can choose whichever you like from the types of fabrics and start the experience dyeing. First, use an iron to divide the dough into 4 pieces vertically. Folding work takes about two and a half to three hours. Do you have work today? It's hard enough to think.

2Fold the dough into a triangle with an iron.

After dividing the dough into four parts, the next step is to fold it into an equilateral triangle. Depending on the pattern, it folds into an isosceles triangle or square.

3Check the folding condition of the fabric.

It took about two and a half to three hours to finish folding. Its length is about 35 cm. Everyone can take pictures with a sense of accomplishment. This folding work. I've seen a lot of customers, but they have an interesting personality. Those who are careful, those who are bold, those who are very fast, etc. I always enjoy watching it.

4It's finally dyeing time.

I have them fold up in the morning and have a lunch break. It's finally time to dye when you come back. Make the color you want to dye. (Up to 3 colors)
* We will match the color to your liking as much as possible, but due to the nature of the dye, there are some colors that cannot be matched. Please understand.

5Trial dyeing with a washcloth.

I'm nervous about dyeing a yukata suddenly, and I don't want to make a mistake. At Izutsu, first of all, we have you test dye with a towel. At this time, we will also make the final adjustment of the color.
* You can take the dyed towel with you on that day.

6Now it's time to go live.

Don't get nervous, just like a washcloth!
We will explain the speed and time of soaking to the desired pattern, so if you can follow the explanation, it will surely give you a nice flower pattern.
At the time of dyeing, about 80% of customers can hold their breath. This is also one I'm always looking forward to. I understand how you feel, but please breathe.

7Now it's time to go live.

The image is dyed in one color. Everyone is very satisfied with the dyeing with the fewest mistakes, but it is also the most difficult dyeing for me. The strength of the preparation depends on the dyeing. Everyone is experiencing patterns that use one or two colors.

Wash the dough and you're done!

The most exciting timing is to spread the fabric after dyeing. It is also a moment when the hard work of having you fold up hard in the morning will be rewarded. After washing with water for about 20 minutes, the experience dyeing is completed. The dyed fabric will be sent in about one week. Those who wish to tailor it will be charged for one to one and a half months.

customer's voice

Snow flower squeezing yukata dyeing experience

Ms. T.A
I like kimono, and since I learned how to wear a yukata from my friend's mother when I was in junior high school, I'm looking forward to the summer coming every year, and I can dye my yukata! I want to do it immediately after knowing that! became.
Kyoto is a town where kimono suits you. I was able to experience tie-dyeing in Kyoto, and I was excited to see what kind of pattern I should dye.
The tie-dyeing called Yukihana Shibori has a pattern like a snowflake, but it has a pretty pattern like a flower, and there are many types.
The teacher carefully taught me what kind of squeezing should be used to obtain this pattern and what color to use, and I would like to do this to get the pattern I want! I thought about it with.
First of all, the work of folding the yukata fabric while ironing it. Fold the long cloth and be prepared for 3 hours! It was said, but this work was also fun and finished in a blink of an eye.
After that, the work of dissolving the dye of the color I chose in hot water and dyeing the fabric was very tense.
After that, there is a process of opening the fabric dyed in water, but I am very happy that the pattern dyed in water floated and glittered and I was able to dye it myself. I felt it. I'm thrilled because I don't know what kind of pattern it will be finished until the end, but the yukata that I love is finished.

The experience of dyeing was a valuable experience that I can remember every time I wear a yukata.
Thank you for a good time.

Snow flower squeezing yukata dyeing experience

I was almost frustrated by the folding of the first fabric, but I managed to overcome it while imagining the finish, thinking that this would be a beautiful pattern of the fabric (laughs)
I don't usually immerse myself in one task so much, so at the end of the tatami mat, I really felt a sense of accomplishment!
When I started dyeing, I was nervous at once, but first of all, there was a trial dyeing with a towel, and Mr. Yamada, the instructor, gave me careful guidance, so I was happy that the pattern was finished as I imagined.
The excitement when you spread the fabric and see the pattern is very exciting even now.

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Kimono / uneven dyeing

Experience flow

1Fold the reception / kimono fabric.

Place the dough on the net and fold it into crumples. You can fold it finely or roughly to show your individuality.

2I will dye it.

After folding, apply dye from above.
Dyeing the entire surface, applying it to points, using two colors, using three colors, and so on.


After dyeing, rinse it clean with water and you're done. It will take about 30 minutes per person from the first work to the end of dyeing.

4Handing over

After one week, it will be handed over in the form of a piece of cloth. Tailoring orders are also possible.

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Bamboo fiber stall (plate tightening squeezing)

Experience flow

1I will fold the reception / stall fabric with an iron.

Fold the dough vertically and fold it into triangles, isosceles triangles, and squares depending on the pattern. Since the fabric is soft, it is more difficult to fold than a yukata. It takes about 30 minutes.

I will put an acrylic board in the stall cloth.

Carefully sandwich the acrylic board between the folded fabrics. Do not shift from the acrylic plate below!

Fix the fabric and the acrylic board.

After sandwiching the acrylic plate, fix it so that it does not move. carefully! carefully! This is the end of preparation. Soak in water for about 30 minutes. It takes about 1 hour so far. Please decide the color during the short break.

Now, it will be the actual dyeing.

Dye while moving in small steps for about 10 minutes. So that the dye spreads vertically, vertically, horizontally, horizontally and throughout the fabric! * Be careful of dye splashing.

After dyeing, remove the acrylic board in water.

At this time, some dyes that have not yet adhered to the fabric will come out, so work carefully and quickly so that the white pattern part does not get colored. I will help you too.

Spread the stall fabric and check the pattern.

How are you guys
It ’s a modern stall, right?
Ooooooooooooo! I'm impressed!

The board tightening squeeze stall is complete!

I hope you will continue to use it as a spring / summer stall and as a work you made yourself.

customer's voice

Board tightening stall dyeing experience

Ms.N . K 
It was my first dyeing experience, but I was able to make a fashionable stall.
The work and finish were interesting because each person's sense and personality came out.
I want to dye another thing in my own color.

Ms.M . S 
It was my first experience of dyeing, and I was worried at first, but I was able to enjoy the experience by teaching me carefully.
I was surprised to see the dyed finish!
It has a wonderful finish that you wouldn't think you made yourself, and it feels good to the touch, and is now my favorite stole!
I was completely dyed by the charm of dyeing!

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Experience menu fee

* The price is common to adults and children. (Excluding tax)

yukata 22,000yen
Obi (Yukata band) 22,000yen
Obi・Linen fabric(Yukata band) 33,000yen
Bamboo Fiber stall (plate tightening drawing) 11,000yen

Participation requirements / precautions

open time From AM10:00 (once a day)
Experience time About 3.5 hours per person. Approximately 5 hours for two people (including breaks)
Up to 6 people per group can apply.
* For 6 or more people, please contact us by phone.
Advance preparation If you think about the image of the color and pattern by the day of the test, it will proceed smoothly. If you have any questions about the pattern, please feel free to contact us.
Clothes It will be an experience of using dyes. Vinyl gloves (free of charge) are available because the dye will stick to your hands.
Dyes can also get on your clothes.
We have prepared an apron, but we recommend that you wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
Belongings Nothing in particular.
About charges After the experience is over, consumption tax will be charged at the time of payment.
Payment method Cash at the store, various cards (VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMERICAN EXPRESS / Diners), LINE Pay, PayPay, ALIPAY
Cancellation deadline Until 18:00 two days before the experience.
Cancellation Policy 1 day ago: 20% of the experience fee.
On the day: 80% of the experience fee.
No contact cancellation: 100% of the experience fee.

Click here for reservation.By appointment only.

Dyeing experience course

  • Easy! Easy tie-dyeing experience.

    Beginner course

    Time required: About 10 minutes (1 person)

    It takes only 10 minutes! From children to beginners. Please make your own flowers bloom.


  • A classic tie-dyeing experience!

    Intermediate course

    Time required: About 1-2 hours (1 person)

    Only one in the world. Impress and delight with your own tie-dye work! Ideal for creating good memories of Kyoto.


  • Popular yukata dyeing! Shibori experience.

    Advanced course

    Time required: About 3 to 5 hours (1 person)

    Why don't you take your time and dye only one yukata in the world?