Recommended for first-time experience dyeing.

Beginner course

Challenge the snow flower squeezing!

It is an experience that even children and beginners can easily dye.
Moreover, the experience time is very short, 10 minutes per person, and the degree of completion is also very high! That is the charm of Izutsu's experience dyeing.

You can take your work home and use it on the same day. Of course, as a souvenir for loved ones.

Enjoy the experience of tie-dyeing traditional crafts in a relaxed and calm space!

Girls-only gatherings, parents and children, couples, school trip students, and foreigners are welcome!

We started to experience T-shirts.

T-shirt dyeing has been requested by many customers since we started experience dyeing. I could do it right away, but since I wanted to do it, I wanted to stick to the fabric and sewing, and this time I realized it with the cooperation of a T-shirt manufacturing company in Tokyo.

Please use uneven dyeing, blur dyeing, or squeeze the T-shirt vertically or diagonally to create a pattern freely.
It is a fun experience that can be dyed casually or in mode by using single color, two colors, and sometimes removing colors.
You can dry it with an iron and take it home on the day.

* We will make the color you request as much as possible.

1) White T-shirt fabric is dyed unevenly with one color.

2) White T-shirt fabric is dyed unevenly, and multiple colors are possible.

3) Black T-shirt is unevenly dyed and bleached. Black only experience. (Discharge)

4) Blurred dyeing. You can dye it freely on the left, right, top and bottom.

Experience dyeing video


Experience flow

1Acceptance and hand towel

After acceptance, we will give you a towel that has already been folded into a triangle.

2Choose from 6 colors of dyes.

When the towel is ready, I will explain the snow flower squeezing.
After that, select the color to be dyed from the 6 dyes available.
The color changes depending on the day, but you can choose from 1 to 3 colors.

3It's exciting and dyeing starts.

Once the color is decided, start by immersing in the first color.
If you soak it once, you cannot soak it twice, so work carefully.
If you soak it lightly, it will be small, and if you soak it deeply, it will be a large flower pattern.
Also, if you soak it for a short time, it will become a thin and light color pattern, and if you soak it for a long time, it will become a round and dark pattern.
The appeal of this tie-dyeing is that the finish will change surprisingly with a slight difference in the degree of immersion.

4Take a break

After finishing the first color, take a short breath.
Once you get the hang of it, turn it around to change the place to soak.

5Immerse the 2nd and 3rd colors more and more.

Next, soak in the second and third colors.
If you soak the colors so that they do not overlap, the result will be more beautiful, but this is a difficult point.
It is difficult to identify because the dye gradually soaks about 1 cm from the place where it was soaked, but I will soak it while looking closely.
Even if the colors overlap, it has a unique handmade taste. Please enjoy until the end.

6Remove excess dye, dry and complete!

After soaking, submerge the washcloth in a bucket of water to wash away excess dye.
Then, when you spread the towel, you will see beautiful flower patterns of various sizes!
It is also a masterpiece to see the pattern, which had been dark and deep in color until then, changes to a bright color as soon as the dye comes into contact with the air. There will be various emotions that can only be experienced in real life!

T-shirt tie-dye (discharge printing)

Experience flow

1Acceptance and handing over T-shirts

You can squeeze the T-shirt by hand or sew it with thread to tie it up.


When you have finished tying the T-shirt, put it in the dye and move it so that there is no unevenness.


Rinse the dyed T-shirt with water and untie it to complete.

customer's voice

Snow flower squeezing hand towel dyeing experience

At first I was very worried if I could do it well, but when I decided on the color and started dyeing, I was surprised that the dyeing was finished in a blink of an eye. As I unraveled the dough in the sink, the overall pattern spread, and I suddenly shouted "Wow! Beautiful!" I am very happy that I can enjoy it and take it home with me!

Experience menu fee

* The price is common to adults and children. (Excluding tax)

handkerchief 1,500yen
Tenugui 1,500yen
Charm scarf (large) 2,750yen
Charm scarf (small) 2,750yen
Cotton stole 2,750yen
T-shirt 6,600yen

Participation requirements / precautions

open time 10:00 ~ / 11:00 ~ / 13:00 ~ / 14:00 ~ / 15:00 ~ / 16:00 ~ (held 6 times a day)
Experience time About 10 minutes per person
The maximum number of applicants is 6 per hour.
* For 6 or more people, please contact us by email.
Target age 4 years old and over ~
(Customers under elementary school age will experience it with the assistance of their parents.)
Clothes It will be an experience of using dyes. Vinyl gloves (free of charge) are available because the dye will stick to your hands.
Dyes can also get on your clothes.
We have prepared an apron, but we recommend that you wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
Belongings Nothing in particular.
Payment method Cash at the store, various cards (VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMERICAN EXPRESS / Diners), LINE Pay, PayPay, ALIPAY
Cancellation deadline Until 18:00 two days before the experience.
Cancellation Policy 1 day ago: 20% of the experience fee.
On the day: 80% of the experience fee.
No contact cancellation: 100% of the experience fee.

Click here for reservation.By appointment only.

Dyeing experience course

  • Easy! Easy tie-dyeing experience.

    Beginner course

    Time required: About 10 minutes (1 person)

    It takes only 10 minutes! From children to beginners. Please make your own flowers bloom.


  • A classic tie-dyeing experience!

    Intermediate course

    Time required: About 1-2 hours (1 person)

    Only one in the world. Impress and delight with your own tie-dye work! Ideal for creating good memories of Kyoto.


  • Popular yukata dyeing! Shibori experience.

    Advanced course

    Time required: About 3 to 5 hours (1 person)

    Why don't you take your time and dye only one yukata in the world?