Recommended for those who are new to but want to take the time to make.

Intermediate course

Challenge the snow flower squeezing!

Beginners welcome! It will be a recommended experience for adult women.
I want to take the time to make it! I want to make it from folding the dough! I want to dye it in my favorite color!
The intermediate course can meet such demands.

The intermediate course offers four items: a snow flower squeezing stole, a towel, a furoshiki, and goodwill. Carefully selected materials that are luxurious, soft and easy to use. We offer fabrics that go well with the snow flower diaphragm.

The experience time is 1 to 2 hours per person. Held twice a day. Please choose to start at 10:00 am or 13:00 pm and make a reservation.

You can take what you make with you on that day and use it. Of course, as a souvenir for loved ones. (Furoshiki and goodwill will be shipped at a later date)

One person, girls-only gathering, school trip students, welcome!

Snow flower squeezing, uneven dyeing squeezing, simple sewing squeezing, etc.

I started the obi sash experience.

As a hidden dyeing experience, obi sash dyeing has gradually become popular.
This time, we have officially joined the experience dyeing lineup.
We offer thick crepe from Kyoto brand Tango crepe and white crepe with snowstorm pattern.
You can squeeze the snow flowers, dye them unevenly, and experience other simple sewn squeezing.
Please consider the pattern you want to make with reference to the photo. If the pattern is finished in time, we will do our best to accommodate it.

You can have as many obi fried as you like.
How about obi sash dyed by yourself? I'm sure I'll be proud ~

Flower squeezing dyeing

Uneven dyeing tie-dyeing

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Snow flower squeezing towel

Experience flow

Fold the towel and dye it

Fold the towel into an equilateral triangle, set it in a special tool, and dye it. Unlike washcloths, towels are highly absorbent and can be very heavy when dyed. This time, a couple helped each other.

Remove from the device so that the white part does not get dirty.

After dyeing, rinse with plenty of water and remove the device so that the white part does not get dyed. This process is difficult, so I will help you as an instructor.

Wash the towel.

Soak the towel removed from the device in water to wash away the dye. And finally, I met the snow flower pattern. A moment of tension. I'm sure you will be impressed!


This time it was a bath towel and face towel experience. How is it? The flower pattern is cute, isn't it? A modern snow flower squeezing towel is completed.

customer's voice

Snow flower squeezing towel dyeing experience.

K.Y 様
It was my first experience of dyeing and I was worried if I could do it well. However, the teacher's polite explanation and teaching method made it a very enjoyable experience!
The finish is more beautiful and cute than I imagined, and I really like it.
I had the opportunity to experience bath towels on this day, but next time I would like to try a yukata. I am truly grateful for the valuable and enjoyable experience. Thank you very much.

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Snow flower squeezing stall.

Experience flow

Fold the stall fabric into a triangle.

We will start by folding our proud bamboo fiber stall into a triangle. It takes about 30 minutes. The stall is soft and very difficult to fold, but please fold it as neatly as possible. Sandwich with an acrylic board to complete the preparation.

Dye 1

Immerse the stall fabric folded in a triangle in the dye. Since the fabric of the stall is thin, it penetrates faster than usual. Check the intrusion of dye through the acrylic board and dye.

Dye 2

When it is up, it looks like this. The part to be dyed, the time to be dyed, and the depth to be dyed differ depending on the pattern. Basically, you can dye it freely, but if you ask us to make it more white and less, we will adjust it as much as possible.


After dyeing, wash off the dye in water. The pattern is gradually becoming visible.

Face-to-face with snow flower pattern.

This is the moment when the hard work of folding is rewarded. A smile spills out naturally.

Face-to-face with snow flower pattern.

Even with the same dipping method, the pattern will change if the color is different. Even with a short dyeing time. .. .. In other words, one original stall in the world.

Hot water

After washing with water, dip it in hot water at 80 degrees Celsius to complete.


how is it? A nice stall is completed.

customer's voice

Snow flower squeezing stall dyeing experience

N.K 様
It was my first dyeing experience, but I was able to make a fashionable stall.
The work and finish were interesting because each person's sense and personality came out. Also, I want to go dye another thing in my own color.

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Uneven dyed obi sash

Experience flow

Fold the dough

Place the obi fried on the net and fold it into crumples.

I will apply the dye

After folding, apply dye from above.
It is a work that requires a sense, such as applying dye to the entire surface or applying it to points.

Rinse with water

After dyeing, rinse it clean with water to complete.

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customer's voice

Obi sash dyeing experience

K.K 様
I was able to make a very nice obi fried. I am very satisfied with the color and pattern consultations, as I was able to dye the colors I wanted to dye.

Experience menu fee

* The price is common to adults and children. (Excluding tax)

Obi sash (pure silk)
Board tightening squeezing / sewing tightening squeezing
Bamboo fiber stall (snow flower squeezing) 8,800yen
Face towel 2,750yen
Bath towel 4,400yen
Furoshiki 3,850yen
Goodwill (2 sheets split) 16,500yen

Participation requirements / precautions

open time AM10: 00 ~ / 13: 00 ~ (held twice a day)
Experience time About 1-2 hours per person
The maximum number of applicants is 6 per hour.
* For 6 or more people, please contact us by e-mail.
Target age 4 years old and over ~
(Customers under elementary school age will experience it with the assistance of their parents.)
Clothes It will be an experience of using dyes. Vinyl gloves (free of charge) are available because the dye will stick to your hands.
Dyes can also get on your clothes.
We have prepared an apron, but we recommend that you wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.
Belongings Nothing in particular.
Payment method Cash at the store, various cards (VISA / MASTER / JCB / AMERICAN EXPRESS / Diners), LINE Pay, PayPay, ALIPAY
Cancellation deadline Until 18:00 two days before the experience.
Cancellation Policy 1 day ago: 20% of the experience fee.
On the day: 80% of the experience fee.
No contact cancellation: 100% of the experience fee.

Click here for reservation.By appointment only.

Dyeing experience course

  • Easy! Easy tie-dyeing experience.

    Beginner course

    Time required: About 10 minutes (1 person)

    It takes only 10 minutes! From children to beginners. Please make your own flowers bloom.


  • A classic tie-dyeing experience!

    Intermediate course

    Time required: About 1-2 hours (1 person)

    Only one in the world. Impress and delight with your own tie-dye work! Ideal for creating good memories of Kyoto.


  • Popular yukata dyeing! Shibori experience.

    Advanced course

    Time required: About 3 to 5 hours (1 person)

    Why don't you take your time and dye only one yukata in the world?